Construction at College Park Elementary

Anyone passing by will have noticed all the work going on at College Park Elementary and the adjacent vacant lot. It’s all part of the long awaited rehab and remodel of the elementary school, courtesy of the Measure L funds that we San Mateans voted for a couple years back.

The school we be getting a major redo that will include a new admin building and lunch area as well as a new school bus stop (see below) on the El Dorado side for all the kids taking the bus to other elementary and middle schools.

One thought on “Construction at College Park Elementary

  1. I would be interested to hear where the information came from that the new bus stop will be used for pickup and drop-off of students who are being transported to other schools as I did not see this on the school website. If this has been verified, it will certainly be a huge improvement for the Humboldt Street traffic flow!

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