King Park Fencing

The City is installing a permanent [chain link] fence around the entire perimeter of the ball fields (with a few strategically-placed gates). The reasons given are: 1) the temporary fence they have installed every year was costing too much; and 2) they believe a permanent fence will be more secure and better at keeping people off the fields.

For those who are unaware, the City typically erects temporary fencing every year at the end of winter/beginning of spring in order to restrict access to the fields while they restore the surface to a safe playing condition (i.e. filling holes, re-sodding, check sprinkler system, etc). The field is typically re-opened sometime between Fourth of July and Labor Day; a long time for the area to be ‘off limits.’

I guess this is another indication of the belt-tightening going on at City Hall.


Dianne is one of HANCSM’s Board Members

For Real! Lucasfilm looking for young African American Men for Tuskeegee Airmen movie

Got this in my email today!


You are receiving this notice
for outreach purposes. Please read on and
forward to local family or friends that fit this

Beau Bonneau Casting in San Francisco is currently working
on a George Lucas Film “Red Tails” starring Cuba Gooding
Jr. and Terrance Howard. This
is a story about the Tuskegee
Airmen, the first African
American Combat Squadron in WWII in the 1940’s.

Non-union African American
males for extra work to portray pilots and ground crew.
Age Range:
18-35. Height requirement: 5’7″-
6’1″. Waist requirement: 31-34. Must be fit and
in shape. Also must have hair on head. Because bald heads
were not the trend in
the 1940’s, we are not looking for bald

is required to go to a wardrobe fitting in San Rafael,
prior to the shoot and
all men will be receiving military haircuts at the
fitting. You will receive an additional $10 for
the haircut and one quarter check for the

Shoot location will be in
Sonoma. You must have your own

Regarding shoot date:
Wed. March 24. Must be avail early morning to
late evening, without conflicts.

Movie shoots may
last 10-12 hours or more. We never know the
start time or exact location until the day/evening
before. Saying you’re available means without
interruption, from Very Early Morning to
Late-Night. If selected, the non-union film
extra rate is California minimum
wage: $64.00 for up to
8 hours and overtime
applies after 8 hours. This rate is set by
production, not Beau Bonneau Casting.

* For proof
of citizenship, all extras must have either a current
passport or 2 pieces of id: a valid photo ID or drivers
license with either a social security card or original
birth certificate to bring
to set, or you cannot be employed by production.

you are interested and completely available please submit
asap to
Please include First
and Last name and Red Tails in subject line
1. 2
telephone contact numbers
2. Height, weight, Jacket
size, shirt size: neck/sleeve, Pant size: waist/inseam,
Shoe size
3. 2 current photos: One close up and full
standing view. (no professional photos, simple
photos please.

Info on How to Comment on High Speed Rail Environmental Impact Report

The Environmental Impact Report, or EIR, for the section of the High Speed Rail project that goes through North Central due to be published soon–April 1 is the current date. For 45 days after that, comments from the public will be accepted. This is a pretty short timeframe to form opinions of this complex document. If you want to learn about how you can make your voice heard, the following may interest you.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

CARRD has just put together a page on our website which describes in detail how to write an effective EIR comment under CEQA.

On the site there is also a Quick Guide that can be downloaded and distributed to neighborhoods and friends.

As you all know, providing public comment is crucial during this very important period. We will also be putting a quick-guide together with all the relevant information necessary for those focused on the Bay Area to Central Valley Program EIR. We will send out a notification when that is available.

In addition, we are in the process of gathering resources that interested people can use to find factual data about issues such as Noise, Vibration, Water, etc. If you have any thoughts or suggestions as to sites that might have relevant information – please make sure to let us know.

Also, if you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for any other part of our website, please feel free to let me know at:

Nadia Naik
CARRD – Californians Advocating Responsible Rail Design

HSR Likely to “Need to Acquire” Homes and Businesses in North Central

The Daily Post is reporting today that the California High Speed Rail Authority “will need to acquire 36 homes and 5 businesses” between San Mateo Creek and Poplar Avenue, our neighborhood. This is based on CHSRA’s statement that their required right of way is between 85 and and 100 feet wide and Daily Post’s analysis of right of way maps provided to them by Caltrain. Here’s a link to the right of way map for that area.

The article also says that businesses downtown, including the movie theater, are threatened, since the right of way there drops to as little as 51 feet. Another trouble spot in San Mateo is between 36th and 40th where current right of way is just 50 feet. Five businesses would potentially be in the path of the new right of way there.

You can take a look at all the Peninsula all the Peninsula right of way maps yourself on the Caltrain HSR Compatibility blog, where they’ve been posted for some time thanks to Clem Tillier.

Here’s a link to an informational pamphlet published in November 2009 for people who may be facing acquisition of their property by High Speed Rail.

San Mateo HSR Meeting March 17th

The City of San Mateo wants to be sure that the High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) understands the uniqueness of our City and understands the concerns of our citizenry. The City Council approved moving forward with the first HSR community workshop.

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Time: 5:30pm – 7:45pm
Venue: Main Library, Oak Room
55 West 3rd Avenue 94402
Agenda: The CSS public input process

New City of San Mateo Web Page on High Speed Rail

San Mateo has added a new page to the City web site with info on High Speed Rail.

Here’s a note from City Staff regarding the new pages and email update service.

We have recently posted several new pages about High Speed Rail at Very importantly, we wanted to be sure to let you know that the City of San Mateo City Council will be discussing High Speed Rail at their gathering on Monday, March 1st. All of the details can be found by clicking on the “Stay Informed” section of the Web page noted above.
Please encourage your neighbors and friends who are also interested in High Speed Rail to sign up for email updates. This is the best way to ensure you receive information about this important project.

Thank you very much. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Sheri Costa-Batis
City of San Mateo, Public Works


San Mateo HSR Meeting, March 1 5:30 pm

Study Session on High Speed Rail

Many residents of San Mateo have asked when the City Council will hold another hearing on High Speed Rail. Please note that the City Council is tentatively scheduled to hold a study session on “High Speed Rail Context Sensitive Solutions & Project Update” on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 5:30 PM at San Mateo City Hall.

Please note that the study session is open to the public, but is not part of the main City Council session, so please be sure to be there at 5:30 PM.

Cal Water Early Proposal Presentation

Cal Water is proposing a new building to replace the old, seismically unsafe building at their site on Poplar between Claremont and Delaware. They are seeking comments at this early stage to help improve their project and incorporate community input.

Here’s theSteinberg Architects Presentation shown at our last HANCSM meeting at Cal Water’s building on Jan. 28th.

The Planning Commission will be addressing this proposal at their meeting on February 23rd at the the City Council Chambers at 7:30pm. To comment or for more info contact City of San Mateo project planner, Stephen Scott, at (650) 522-7207. Or send your comments to

Here’s a link to the City of San Mateo webpage for the Cal Water project.

HANCSM Meeting at Cal Water Services Building to Discuss Proposed Construction

Thursday, January 28th at 6:30 pm

Cal Water Services wants to build a new district office on its site and is seeking input prior to permit application.

Also: Updates from the Police, United Homeowners representatives, what’s going on in San Mateo, Neighborhood Beautification, recycling, the Peninsula/101 Overpass, High Speed rail and more.