Car-Light Housing: More Affordability, Less Traffic Discussion

We need to address the housing affordability crisis, but we don’t want to make it harder to get around town or harm the climate. Join Friends of Caltrain for this discussion to: Learn about the connections between housing affordability, traffic reduction, and climate change. Hear what neighboring communities are doing to reduce the need to drive.Continue reading “Car-Light Housing: More Affordability, Less Traffic Discussion”

Plan Bay Area 2040 Workshop

Beginning in May, residents from across the Bay Area will come together at a series of public open houses to discuss how to plan for our region’s future growth. Will you be there? San Mateo County Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sequoia High School, Multi-Purpose Room 1201 Brewster Avenue, RedwoodContinue reading “Plan Bay Area 2040 Workshop”

Oversized Vehicle Parking

There is an ordinance related to parking oversized vehicles. An oversized vehicle is defined as having a height, including load, of 7.5 feet, a width, including load, of 7.5 feet (from the widest portion of the vehicle, but not including mirrors), a length, including load, of 22 feet (in combination with any attached trailer), andContinue reading “Oversized Vehicle Parking”