San Mateo County Draft Bike Plan Available

Good afternoon everyone. As many of you know, the COUNTY OF SAN MATEO is developing a comprehensive bicycle/pedestrian plan in a parallel process to the CITY OF SAN MATEO’S development of a Bicycle Master Plan and a Pedestrian Master Plan. We just received notice from the County that the County document is available for publicContinue reading “San Mateo County Draft Bike Plan Available”

Help Make San Mateo a More Walkable City

Have you filled out the City of San Mateo’s Department of Public Works’ online survey about how to increase the “walk-ability” of San Mateo? If not, there’s still time…deadline March 4th! We are working on the development of a Citywide Pedestrian Master Plan to improve the City’s sustainability and increase walking as a mode ofContinue reading “Help Make San Mateo a More Walkable City”

Pedestrian Master Plan Workshop – Jan 27, 2011

Good Afternoon, We were hoping you could help us spread the word about an important upcoming community workshop we’re hosting next week… The City of San Mateo’s Department of Public Works is working on the development of our Pedestrian Master Plan. We would really like to have input from your members at our next communityContinue reading “Pedestrian Master Plan Workshop – Jan 27, 2011”