Covid, fires, lost jobs – Here’s how you can help now

We all have neighbors who need a little help right now.
Please consider supporting the Samaritan House with anything additional you might have this month.

Please donate now

Living through COVID-19 and the current Bay Area fires is challenging for all of us. It can be especially hard for many of our neighbors. We all know stories of people losing their jobs and even their homes. 

How Samaritan house supports the community

Food: The Samaritan House is directly feeding ~1,000 people a day. They are anticipating a need to serve 2.5 million meals this next year.Shelter & Financial

Assistance: Rental assistance to many neighbors in need. Distributing ~$200,000 a week and that number is climbing.

Healthcare: Provide social workers to aid in people in getting the services they need.

Won’t you please take a moment to donate what you can? 
Please donate now

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