Help Us Get North Central out of the FEMA Flood Zone today!

By Craig Howell from San Carlos, CA, USA – zeppelin-ride-020100925-130, CC BY 2.0,

Help our neighborhood’s flood improvement project move forward today! 
Please send the city council a message at this afternoon urging them to approve this project on tonight’s consent calendar. Here is a template for you to use:

Dear Mayor Goethals and members of the City Council,

The North Shoreview Flood Improvement Project will protect our neighborhood from future flooding, and it is very important that you, the City Council, support the city staff’s recommendations on how to move forward with it today.

Please support the city staff’s recommendation to negotiate a contract with more favorable terms with the lowest responsible bidder, Anderson Pacific Engineering Construction. Because the COVID-19 outbreak will likely lower some construction costs over the coming two-year implementation of the project, we should take the measures recommended by the City’s staff to safeguard our city finances whilel ensuring this project proceeds on its promised timeline.

A ‘yes’ decision today will allow the City to move forward with the project now, while saving the city money in what will likely be an uncertain economic time for the City.Taking this action will allow people in our neighborhood to save a lot of money, who are already taxing themselves and who will no longer have to pay high flood insurance premiums. This is a needed investment in our neighborhood’s sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and moving forward tonight will keep our promised timeline.

Your Name

Tonight the City Council will be making a very important decision affecting residents of our neighborhood. The North Shoreview Flood Improvement Project is up on tonight’s consent calendar for approval by the council. It is extremely important for our neighborhood that this project moves forward now, especially in light of the uncertainty of caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This engineering construction project will enhance the levees and flood control for the low lying areas of our neighborhood, removing parcels currently in the flood zone out of the flood zone. Please help us ensure this project moves forward by sending a comment to the city council by 4pm today!

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