Train Horn Noise Progress Update: City Council Special Session

Join the City Council for a special session on train horn noise.

5:30 PM on January 6, 2020

*Session may run over into the 7pm general city council meeting

City Hall Conference Room C
330 W. 20th Avenue
San Mateo CA 94403

This study session will encompass three agenda items, the third item is on train horn noise.

  • City Council Appointments to External Agencies and Liaison Roles
  • Review the Draft 2020 Climate Action Plan
  • Train Horn Noise Progress Update

The City has been involved with formulating possible ways to mitigate the effects of loud train horns and establish a Quiet Zone. The third agenda item serves as a progress update on that front.

The session is open for public comment. It is important that if you would like to see action taken to reduce or eliminate train horn noise to show up for the discussion so that the city council is aware that it remains an item of high importance for the community and does not fizzle out.

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