San Mateo Enacts Tenant Protection Measures

The City Council unanimously approved an urgency ordinance to provide many San Mateo renters just cause eviction protections until new statewide tenant protection laws go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. San Mateo’s local urgency ordinance prohibits evictions without cause, and retroactively applies starting Oct. 1, 2019. Certain limits apply based on building type and term of occupancy.

The Council adopted the ordinance during a Nov. 4 public meeting after hearing from tenants who indicated they received eviction notices following the passage of Assembly Bill 1482. That statewide law goes into effect next year and includes rent caps as well as just cause protections. Other San Mateo County cities – including Daly City and Redwood City – have also adopted rules to address the gap between when the law was signed and when it goes into effect. The San Mateo City Council did not adopt rent caps, however noted the governor’s current emergency protections stemming from the wildfires, limit rent increase to no more than 10 percent. Review the nonprofit San Mateo County Legal Aid Society’s informational brochure for more information

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