King Park Improvements Project Update

This is to update you on the status of the King Park Improvements project. The project began as scheduled on 5/6/19, however, during demolition, two unknown conditions were discovered that require remediation outside the scope of the construction contract and requiring additional funds:

  • Soils containing lead levels requiring disposal at Class I and Class II landfills
  • Relocation of athletic field underground electrical lines

The project was suspended pending an examination and plan for each issue. These, and the request for additional funding were presented to and approved at the 7/15/19 City Council meeting. Construction is scheduled to restart by Monday, 8/7/19. This nearly 3-month delay will extend the construction period into early 2020.

Below is further explanation of each issue.

Soils Disposal

The King Park Improvements Project includes as a major feature the replacement of the natural turf athletic field with a synthetic turf field. As is typical for such projects, this requires the removal of several inches of organic and soil material, replacing it with new drainage, a rock base, shock pad, artificial turf, and infill material.   In anticipation of the soils off-haul, the City contracted with GeoCon Consultants to conduct soils testing at the King Park site.  The initial report on 5 borings revealed elevated levels of lead that exceeded those typically found naturally in soils.  In order to obtain a more complete analysis of the remaining site, an additional 68 samples were taken not only throughout the construction site but out of an abundance of caution, the test area was expanded to include the children’s play area, basketball court, and surrounding grass areas.  Additional random elevated levels of lead were found scattered throughout the field area; however, no elevated levels were found in areas outside of the field. 

The parcels that make up King Park were accumulated during a long period starting in 1902 through 1966, with most parcels acquired during the 1930’s and so the origin of the elevated lead levels is unknown. The findings of the Geocon report are such that the initial plan to off haul the top several inches of soils and organics as usable construction fill was not possible and most of the soil requires disposal in a landfill.

Field Light Electrical Line Relocation

During demolition, it was discovered that electrical lines supplying the athletic field lights traverse the field, portions of which were placed at particularly shallow depth, encased in conduit that does not meet code for that depth, and were damaged during demolition. These lines will need to be relocated to the perimeter of the field.

The additional trucking and disposal fees for the soil and electrical re-design and relocation will result in significant additional cost that was not anticipated and required an additional appropriation.

If you wish further information you may contact:

Paul Council
Special Projects Manager

2 thoughts on “King Park Improvements Project Update

  1. Great. So if they found elevated lead levels in the soil of the King Field, how about the surrounding area? Are adjacent residences affected?

    1. I heard at the Parks & Rec Commission meeting that they spot tested other areas of the park and the lead was concentrated on the field well below grade level. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the lead staff, Paul Council:

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