Q&A on MidPen Downtown Opportunity Site

On March 7th, MidPen and City Staff met with the community to discuss the affordable housing project located at 480 E. 4th Ave. and 400 E. 5th Ave. to provide a description of proposed project to obtain feedback and answer questions or concerns.

Download presentation slides: https://www.cityofsanmateo.org/3964/PA18-077-480-E-4th-Avenue-400-E-5th-Aven

Mollie Naber, Project Manager, lead the presentation on the proposed development. The project proposes 164 affordable apartments in a five-story residential building and a minimum of 699 parking spaces in a five- story parking structure. The plans also include a public plaza at the residential site and a community serving space at the ground floor of the parking structure. The proposed unit mix for the residential building is 9 studios, 70 one- bedroom units, 46 two-bedroom units and 39 three-bedroom units. The rents will target low and moderate income families, defined as those earning between 30-120% Area Median Income (AMI) for the County of San Mateo.


Neighbor 1:
Expressed support for the project and opinion on public art: I am pleased to see this development come online. The design is very thoughtful. I would like to see the art and either the green wall or metal structure as a façade element on the parking structure.

Question about public plaza:
Q: Would the lack of sunlight significantly impact the ability to put in greenery at the western public plaza location?
A: A public plaza on the western corner of the residential site would be in the shade.
A: The design plans are early, so if the community wants the public plaza on the western corner near Claremont, instead of on the eastern corner near the railroad tracks, we can work with the landscape architect to make it work.

Neighbor 2:
Question about rents:
Q: I’m unsure how the rents work and how incomes work
A: Rents are based on the household income. Half of the units are for lower income households earning between 30-60% AMI; half of the units will target moderate income households earning 80-120% AMI.
Q: Is there a list where you sign up?
A: We will open up the application interest list several months before we complete construction.
A: Normally there is a 2-3 week application period during which we accept applications, then we conduct a lottery. The preference for families living or working in the City of San Mateo will then be applied: if you quality for the preference, you float to the top. From there, we make our way down the list.

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