Additional City Garbage Cans in North Central!

Great news! In an effort to reduce littering in our North Central neighborhood, HANCSM and ACE/HASSETT HARDWARE jointly requested additional garbage cans from the City. We are thrilled to learn that two additional cans were installed along First Avenue, which is an important pedestrian corridor from North Central to Downtown. Thanks to the City and our local hardware store for helping keep our neighborhood clean!

  • The southwest corner of 1st Ave and S. Claremont
  • The northwest corner of 1st Ave and S. Delaware (Near Ace Hardware)

2 thoughts on “Additional City Garbage Cans in North Central!

  1. Not littering used to be taught in elementary school. If this is no longer the case, think local schools may want to do this again as part of civics & environmental protection. I have neighbors who keep tossing their cigarette butts all over the sidewalk & street. Kids can influence adults more than they know.

    1. Whole-heartedly agree! Teaching kids not to litter is a life-time investment because they grow up not littering and will teach their own kids these values and healthy habits!

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