King Park Improvements Project 10/22/18 Community Meeting Q&A

At the 10/22/18 community meeting related to the King Park Improvements Project Site Development Planning Application, several questions were asked by community members for which definitive answers could not be provided at that time. Subsequent to review of the 100% construction documents submittal, additional information can be provided on these topics:

Q1: Concern was expressed that students walk up El Dorado Street to and from school, and it was asked if flagmen will be present during those times.

The current version of the specifications includes the following:

“The Contractor shall be responsible, during all phases of the work, to provide for public safety and convenience by use of traffic cones, signs, lighted barricades, lights, and flagmen as described and specified in the State of California, Department of Transportation MANUAL OF TRAFFIC CONTROLS – For Construction and Maintenance Work Zones, current Edition. (Section 360, California Vehicle Code, defines highways to include streets.) The provisions of this manual will become a part of the requirements of the contract.

Construction operations shall be conducted in such a manner as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the abutting property owners or motoring public. Convenient access to driveways, houses, and buildings along the line of work shall be maintained unless otherwise approved by the City in advance. Contractor shall request and obtain approval from City before any lane closures are implemented. Open excavation and ditches across a roadway shall be covered and guarded in such a manner as to permit safe traffic flow during hours when no work is being performed.”

In addition, limiting or precluding delivery and off-haul while school is in session for a period prior to school and after dismissal is under consideration. Because of fluctuating school schedules, however, it is not yet determined whether this will be practical.

Q2: It was asked where staging would occur, and if it would affect the parking lot.

The parking lot will not be used as a staging or storage area. As work proceeds, storage and staging for particular work may be conducted at different locations on the work site. It is anticipated that some equipment ingress/egress may be through the parking lot. The primary traffic- field related off-haul of soil and import of rock- will access the site at the corner of El Dorado and Santa Inez. All storage and staging will be inside the construction fence.

Q3: There was a question about the length of time that soil export and import would be happening. 

Scheduling the sequence and timing of work is a contractor responsibility. In addition, weather can impact work timing. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it can be anticipated that approximately 3-4 weeks of soil export and rock import for the field will be necessary, and to commence toward the beginning of the project.

Q4: One suggestion was to try and give away the grass rather than kill it.

The City anticipates leaving the field open through the winter months for unscheduled use, rather than closing it, since no repairs will be undertaken prior to construction. The Landscape Resources Division does not anticipate salvaging any portion of the sod for use in other park spaces. If approached by third parties interested in salvaging any sod, the City would consider it so long is it would not result in unsafe playing conditions prior to construction, or impede commencement or conduct of the contractor’s work.

Q5: Concern was expressed that field drainage discharge will go into a street drain that frequently backs up.

Below is an excerpt from the civil engineer’s submittal for the project-

“This artificial turf replacement project is anticipated to reduce the overall rate and quantity of stormwater discharge from the site to the public storm drain system. The peak rate of discharge will be reduced due to the introduction of the Class II drain rock section to transmit subsurface horizontal stormwater flow, which has a lower theoretical horizontal follow velocity than the current overland flow drainage scenario.”

Link to the project plan: King Field Synthetic Turf and Park Improvements Plan

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