Upcoming Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety & Traffic Improvements in North Central!

In 2018 the City of San Mateo Public Works Department presented at the HANCSM general meetings on the Traffic Action Plan and Sustainable Streets Project. HANCSM members asked questions, provided feedback and insights on various issues including the need for greater pedestrian and bicycle safety and traffic mitigation in our neighborhood. We are very excited to share information about two upcoming projects in North Central that will improve safety and circulation in our community!

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the current Program Year (2018-19) will be used for a pedestrian safety project. The project is still in the early design phase, but will likely include some high visibility crosswalks and curb extensions at different intersections in the areas around Martin Luther King Jr. Park and College Park Elementary School. The Neighborhood Improvement and Housing Division is working closely with Public Works to design a project that responds to the priorities identified in the North Central Traffic Action Plan with the available funding. The project is planned to begin construction in Spring 2019.
  • The North San Mateo Drive Sustainable Streets Project will install bicycle lanes, high visibility crosswalk, pedestrian countdown signal, and curb extensions between Peninsula and Baldwin Avenue. Download the presentation for more information: N San Mateo Drive Sustainable Streets Project


One thought on “Upcoming Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety & Traffic Improvements in North Central!

  1. This is great to hear! I occasionally bike this road and it’s quite treacherous. There are few safe bike routes north of San Mateo Caltrain station.

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