Mosquito Fogging and Communications

I received notice yesterday afternoon — a flyer on my porch of last night, no knock even — about last nights’s fogging. I would like to know why there was so little notice and why phone, social networks, and email notification systems weren’t used?

I understand that there is some urgency to take care of the mosquitoes to minimize disease spread, but communications should be paramount when spraying chemicals on whole neighborhoods. For instance, many homes have vegetables and fruit ripening right now. The flyer did not address the safety of the pesticide on food, or how to effectively clean it off. Also , some people keep pets outside at night. Is it safe for animals? Is the City going to clean the playground equipment in the affected area? Are the now pesticide soaked wood chips at the King Park playground going to be cleaned (somehow) or replaced?

These are just a couple of questions that could and should have been better addressed prior to spraying. I am sure that with a few more days everybody would have better prepared.

Here’s a link to Material Data Safety sheet for the pesticide used, Pyrenone 25-5

And to something a little easier to read about it

This is the area affected. The Press Release says it was a “ground fogging.”

spray area

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