Support local charity, learn some local history, Feb. 9th, 2 to 4 at 25 S. Humboldt, Sturge Presbyterian

A fund raiser to support Kimochi, a provider of senior services to the Bay Area Japanese community, is screening a documentary about the first wave of Japanese immigrants, the Issei, around 1900.
As many North Central residents know, our neighborhood was redlined into the 1970s and the only neighborhood in the area where non-whites could live.

The story of the Issei is the story of some of our neighborhood’s oldest families.

Here’s a link to the notice.

Suggested donation: $10. Proceeds go to Kimochi San Mateo/Mary Ishisaki Challenge Match.

For reservations, contact Candace Takahashi at (650) 344-6803 or leitaka; Victor Iwamura at (650) 342-2541 or smbt; or Kimochi Inc. at (415) 931-2294.

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