More on: San Mateo Makes It EASY to Report Graffiti

San Mateo Town Hall Nov 07, 2013 @ 3:59 PM

Report graffiti from your phone using the NEW mobile app!

The power to fight graffiti is in your hands. By simply using your smartphone, the San Mateo community can easily report graffiti through the use of the new mobile app,mySanMateo, or by calling the 24-hour hotline, (888) 886-0766. No matter which method you use, the request will be submitted to Graffiti Protective Coatings (GPC), the City of San Mateo’s new partner in providing graffiti removal services.
Using mySanMateo is easy. Simply download the FREE app to your iPhone or Android phone. When you see graffiti – take a photo of the nuisance, provide the location, and submit your request. GPC is contracted through the City’s Public Works Department to respond to requests for graffiti removal on City property within 48-hours and within 24-hours when reported in designated “hot spots”.
Due to increased requests for graffiti removal and competing demands on staff, the City recommended using a contracted services model to provide a more timely and cost-effective response for graffiti removal services. GPC was selected through a competitive process, and recommended to the City Council in July. GPC partners with cities throughout the Bay Area providing cost effective graffiti removal services.
“Keeping San Mateo free of graffiti is an ongoing process requiring dedicated resources,” says Larry Patterson, Interim City Manager. “Graffiti Protective Coatings enhances the services of the City making our graffiti removal program more effective and efficient. Using the mobile app is the most immediate way to report graffiti. It gives residents, business owners, and employees the ability to submit requests for removal as soon as graffiti is noticed. If you haven’t done so, download the app and submit your requests directly to GPC. Your diligence will help to eliminate graffiti throughout San Mateo.”
Two Easy Ways to Report Graffiti
In order to report graffiti for removal, contact Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc. directly using the methods below:

  1. Download and launch the FREE mySanMateo app, and submit a picture and the location of the noticed violation.
  2. Call the 24-hour hotline, (888) 886-0766.

Signed,San Mateo Town Hall

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