Measure P? Meeting *Tonight 9/25* at SM City Hall, Rm C, 5pm

Measure P will be on the November ballot, From what I understand, it is a $130 million bond issue that will fund
1)reconstruction of Bowditch Middle School ($80 million),
2)repair or reconstruction of Knolls Elementary for a new school ($11 million),
3) $39 million for all following :
– basic repairs such as leaky roofs bad plumbing and insufficient electrical
– solar panels and other energy efficiency upgrades
– upgrades to or new libraries and science labs at all schools
– computers/tablets or other tech for schools ( the number I’ve read is $7 million)

This seems vague, but the measure itself doesn’t make it clear

here’s the bond measure text…

In general I very much support school funding, but I am concerned by the vehement opposition by one school board Trustee as well as the Measure L treasurer. They express real concern that this was put forward by a group from Foster City and will disproportionately benefit Foster City, that plans are extremely vague for Knolls (the measure says “repair or reconstruct”) , that Measure L projects have not and will not be completed, that there are better and cheaper ways to undertake solar upgrades, and that the technology part of this is too small to really do the job well and equitably.

I am hoping to attend the discussion at San Mateo City hall on Thursday 9/26 at 5pm to see what I can find out.

I would also like to hear what other people know and think about Measure P. Please comment!

One thought on “Measure P? Meeting *Tonight 9/25* at SM City Hall, Rm C, 5pm

  1. I;m    pretty much done with school bonds.   After the recent splurge it    seems like most of the money was spent on gymnasiums, running tracks and auditoriums.   I think in tough economic times it would have been wiser to improve the basics and compensate the teachers. 



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