Should King Park Field be Artificial Turf?

The city is considering converting the playfield at King Park to artificial turf. They want hear from the hear from the community.

Here’s the email they sent to HANCSM:

Dear Homeowner/Neighborhood Association Representative:

The San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department is developing a plan for converting some natural grass fields to synthetic turf. A 12-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) representing users, neighborhood and general community interests is providing guidance on the plan. The City is also seeking broader community comments to make the best possible decisions as to which fields to include in the plan and what the priorities of implementation should be. The five fields currently under consideration are Bayside School, Fiesta Meadows, Joinville, Los Prados and Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are offering two ways for community members to provide feedback before a recommended plan is developed. These are:

In Person at a Community Workshop

Saturday, April 6, 2013


San Mateo Senior Center

This is an open house format- stop by any time between 10am-2pm

On Line at San Mateo Town Hall

This is a web-based community feedback page

This topic will be available for comment Monday 4/1/13 through Saturday 4/13/13

We would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this email message to your membership so they can be aware of the project and provide their perspectives if desired.

Paul Council

Recreation Division Manager

City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation

650-522-7403 (ph)

650-522-7401 (fax)


Parks MakeLifeBetter

3 thoughts on “Should King Park Field be Artificial Turf?

  1. Please do not put turf at King Center. It is hot for playing sports and unhealthy. When it is hot you can see the heat radiating off of the field. We need more grass in our densely populated neighborhood. We need nature and kids in this neighborhood are disadvantaged and don’t have as many privileges to be in nature and actually all of us, even the advantaged people don’t have the opportunities to be in nature as much as we should. We need more chlorophyll to clean our air. Grass is a natural air conditioner and has a cooling effect on the environment. KEEP THE GRASS! #Nature for the people of San Mateo.

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