Meeting on proposed city ordinance to allow misdemeanor for code violations, Monday, November 14th, City Hall Conference Room C

This is kind of murky to me, but the City of San Mateo is considering changes that will allow code infractions to be cited as misdemeanors and to broaden the number of city employees who may issue citations to include parks and public works employees among others.

Here’s a link to a San Mateo Daily Journal article on the topic.

Community members have concerns about people ending up with criminal records for not whacking weeds or replacing taillights. And there are questions about whether people other than police should be making criminal citations.

Ben Toy, one of your HANCSM board members, has been in contact with the City Attorney Shawn Williams about this and passes along this invitation to a public meeting

After receiving a number of emails expressing concern about the proposed ordinance, it became clear to me that we have not adequately explained our intentions with the proposed ordinance. To address this problem, I asked the city council to continue this matter to allow for discussion with those interested in the matter. I have reserved conference room C at City Hall for next Monday evening at 6, and invite you and anyone else interested to come to discuss the proposed ordinance. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to call me at 522-7020, or to email me any specific questions or suggestions you might have.

Thank you for your interest and concern.

Shawn M. Mason

City Attorney

City of San Mateo

(650) 522-7020

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