Holy Cow, 98 Billion! High Speed Rail New Price Tag

Ok, so for full disclosure,  I live right next to the tracks here in North Central and have a big personal stake in this. Well, most of us in the neighborhood have a big stake in what happens with high speed rail. It will change how our neighborhood relates to downtown, affect our commutes to SF and up and down the Peninsula, affect neighborhood noise levels, may change radically who our neighbors are, or  if we have neighbors (or houses even!).

So check out this latest article that explains how the train that we voted for in 2008 with a price tag of $38 billion now is expected to cost us $98 billion, or about $2,600 for every person in California (as of 2010)

High Speed Rail Gets a New Plan and a New Price Tag in California | KALW | an SFGate.com blog.


You can see the actual business plan here

or send in your formal public comments here until Dec. 31, 2011

–Karen, your HANCSM web-lady

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