Commercial Vehicles Initiative — let us know!

Commercial vehicles parked on residential streets have been a hot topic in neighborhood associations around San Mateo lately. The City of San Mateo’s Public Works department has asked us to report commercial vehicles parked on our neighborhood streets as they try to assess the problem and what to do about it.

You can report commercial vehicles on residential streets here and it will be compiled and submitted to Public Works. There is a map of reported vehicle at the top of the page and the reporting form is below that.


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2 thoughts on “Commercial Vehicles Initiative — let us know!

  1. This probably is a code enforcement issue and if not currently then a change to the city ordinance needs to be made in order to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

    Whatever the business, gardening, limos, painting trucks, construction, etc, if there is more than one vehicle involved in these businesses we should not allow these businesses to park their “fleet” on city streets.

  2. I’ve never found it productive to contact the City about commercial vehicles because many people work out of their homes which apparently exempts them. The two cases I questioned were a gardener who had three trucks (besides two cars) and a limousine owner with two limos.

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