New to San Mateo! King Park Farmer’s Market pix and review

The First King Park Farmers' Market
The First King Park Farmers' Market -- photo by Dylan Tweney

My husband and kids had a great time at the Farmers Market on Saturday. Yes that’s my cute kid in the first photo — a little rain doesn’t stop him!
They said everyone was super friendly and they got lots of tasty samples.

The Produce
The Produce -- photo by Dylan Tweney
The Produce

They found some nice treats including kohlrabi (?!) which turns out to very yummy sliced thin and tossed with a little lemon juice, olive oil and a shake or two of salt. But the hands down winner was the strawberries topped with a little of the Grant Gardens winter honey (which they say is maybe from eucalyptus pollen, but I detect a serious fennel flavor). Dylan bought a pound of honey and three baskets of strawberries and they are a fabulous treat! He reports that prices are pretty good too.

I’d like to give a special shout out to the Grant Gardens guys, Rich and Jim, who are not only the most local vendors at the Farmers market, from our very own Grant Street, but may be responsible for the fact that our fruit trees are producing more fruit in the last year or two, thanks to their local hives. I look forward to meeting them next week when I get to go to the market myself.

Grant Gardens Honey! -- photo by Dylan Tweney

3 thoughts on “New to San Mateo! King Park Farmer’s Market pix and review

  1. I too was very excited to see beekeepers in our neighborhood. They started beekeeping about 2 years ago — which is about the time we started seeing bees returning to our fruit trees, too. Not a coincidence!

    p.s. Karen, where’s my photo credit?? 🙂

    1. Dylan, my husband and journalistic pro, is absolutely right I should’ve credited his photos when I posted them. I’ve added credits to each of the photos. My apologies.

      And thanks for taking them sweetie.


  2. Also say that the folks there are wonderful, friendly and supportive of HANCSM

    Bought extra’s for one of my neighbors, who then went over themselves after seeing the quality and size of the stuff I bought.

    Am going to check out becoming a bee keeper. Already plans or noodling that, but these two guys pushing me over to do it for real.

    Such a same that the weather didn’t co-operate…hopefully it will next week. All of the vendors said they would keep coming for the duration of the commitment

    Sheila also stopped by to check them out.

    Be sure to bring SEVERAL recycled shopping bags…one isn’t enough !!!!


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