Delaware at E. Santa Inez open again


Road Closure UPDATE

The roads closed due to the FIRE INCIDENT have been re-opened – Delaware Street and Santa Inez Avenue are again open to through traffic.

Any inquiries about the fire itself should be directed to the San Mateo Fire Department at 650-522-7940.

This ‘Community Information’ is being sent to you as a Public Safety Message jointly by the San Mateo Police and Fire Departments. We at the City of San Mateo take pride in alerting our community partners about activities and current events relevant to neighborhood incidents.

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Please help us make your neighborhood safer and take a stand against crime. Please report all criminal behavior, join a neighborhood watch program, and help anyone that might fall victim to a crime. If a Neighborhood Watch doesn’t exist on your block, you can start one with help from SMPD. For additional information about the City of San Mateo Neighborhood Watch Program, call Sergeant Dave Norris at (650)522-7626 or visit our web

To receive additional information about the Fire Department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program, contact Captain Robert Cook – Firefighter/ Paramedic, and CERT Program Coordinator at info

Sent by David Norris to Serra High School, San Mateo High School, Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, Aragon High School, College of San Mateo, Serra High Admin, Serra High Staff (E-mail accounts, Wireless devices) through SMC Alert

You are receiving this alert because you are registered on the SMC Alert System

….powered by the Cooper Notification’s Roam Secure Alert Network

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