Bike to Work Day May 12!

Plan your ride today! Check’s Bike to Work Day Gear up Page

And get your commute buddies together and bike in May to earn points and prizes with the Team Bike Challenge

Be sure to stop by an “energizer station” on May 12 to bond with fellow riders and pick up your Bike to Work Day goodies.

San Mateo Caltrain Station is one location. Here’s a map with more:

We got the heads up from Gary Heap at the DPW

Thank you for being invested in our effort to make San Mateo more “ride-able.” We wanted to make sure that you knew that the 17th Annual Bike to Work Day is on Thursday, May 12, 2011. Join over a hundred thousand other Bay Area bicyclists for this event. Help the City of San Mateo demonstrate that we take sustainability seriously, and we are willing to show our commitment by commuting by bike on Bike to Work Day! Visit for more information.

Thank you.

Gary Heap
San Mateo Department of Public Works

Thank You, Gary!

One thought on “Bike to Work Day May 12!

  1. If you are biking north-south at any point between San Francisco and Santa Clara County (Menlo Park/Palo Alto approximately), the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has a map of the safest/most convenient route to take:

    It’s a bit complicated-looking, but there are notes about how to make each turn. I suppose you could print out the PDF and tape it to your handlebars.

    Anyone else want to ride with me from San Mateo to SF on May 12?

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