Need Letters of Support for San Mateo Bikeways Project Grant Funding

Dear City of San Mateo Bicycle Master Plan Interested Party,

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the City of San Mateo’s Bicycle Master Plan process. The draft Bicycle Master Plan is currently out for public review and is scheduled for City Council final adoption on July 18, 2011.

Upon final adoption of the Bicycle Master Plan, the next step is to implement the plan by constructing the recommended facilities and developing programs to address the plan’s objectives. The City needs additional funding to implement the recommendations identified in the plan, therefore the City is applying for grant funding from a number of sources. Funding for projects is extremely scare due to the current economy and grant funding opportunities is even more competitive than ever.

Please help the City of San Mateo in its efforts to implement the Bicycle Master Plan’s recommendations and it’s applications for grant funding by writing a letter of support for the projects listed below. These four projects have been initially identified as prime candidates for grant funding opportunities.

Letters of support should be mailed or emailed to:

Kenneth Chin, Project Manager

City of San Mateo Public Works Department

330 W. 20th Avenue

San Mateo, CA 94403


Individual letters for each project is highly appreciated, as the City will be applying for different grant funding sources over the next couple of months. The initial deadline for these support letters is March 15, 2011, but we will continue to collect letters of support after this date.

The City hopes that you continue to support our efforts to make the City of San Mateo a Bicycle Friendly City. If you have any questions, please contact me at (650) 522-7313 or at kchin.

Identified Bicycle Master Plan Projects for Grant Funding (Maps are attached):

Project 1: Hillsdale/US 101 Bridge

Project Location: South of the Hillsdale/US 101 Interchange

Project Description: The proposed project includes the preliminary engineering design and environmental review of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge south of the Hillsdale/US 101 Interchange and a Class II facility from Norfolk to the City of San Mateo/Foster City limits.

The proposed bridge and Class II facility will allow for safe and unimpeded pedestrian/bicycle access to existing facilities on both sides of US 101 by separating pedestrian/bicycle traffic from the high vehicular volumes at the Hillsdale Boulevard interchange. This bridge is the last remaining piece for a

fully connected 1.2 mile Class I facility between the Hillsdale Caltrain Station and the Los Prados and Lakeshore neighborhoods, east of US 101. A Class I facility currently exists that connects the Bay Meadows I development with the train station and an additional Class I facility is currently being constructed on the Kaiser Medical Office property. On the east side of US 101, a Class II facility currently exists traversing north-south along Norfolk Street and the proposed Class II facility from Norfolk to the City limits along Hillsdale Blvd would provide a seamless connection to Foster City’s bicycle facilities. The construction of the bridge and Class II facility would create a fully connected bicycle network in this area connecting Foster City with the Hillsdale Caltrain Station.

Project 2: Bay to Transit Trail

Project Location: Entire length of the 16th Avenue Drainage Channel (Leslie Creek)

Project Description: The proposed project includes the development of a feasibility study including conceptual designs, public outreach/participation, and preliminary environmental evaluation to convert the existing maintenance roads/paths along the 16th Avenue drainage channel to a multi-use pedestrian and bicycle trail that connects the San Francisco Bay Trail to the Hayward Park Caltrain Station. The proposed trail would be approximately 2.0 miles from the bay to the train station and would include a bridge overcrossing of US 101. This multi-use trail would be modeled after the Sawyer Camp trail along the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

Project 3: Downtown Bicycle Parking

Project Location: Various Downtown San Mateo locations

Project Description: The proposed project involves the purchasing and installation of secure bicycle facilities/racks in Downtown San Mateo. The project includes approximately 54 bicycle racks at 29 different locations throughout the downtown and 36 electronic bike lockers at the Downtown Caltrain Station. The majority of these bike racks will be installed on the sidewalks, outside of the pedestrian thoroughfare; however one location is on-street in an unused red curb area, and four locations involve the conversion of on-street motor vehicle parking spaces to bicycle parking. The 36 bike lockers include the conversion of the existing 32 lockers and the addition of 4 more lockers. These lockers will be located in the same location as the existing bike lockers at the northern side of the Caltrain Station. The following table is a breakdown of the type, quantity and cost of the project.

Type Quantity Project Cost
Racks 54 $16,254
Bollards/Wheels Stops/Striping 13/15/80 $10,025
Electronic Lockers 36 $97,200

Project 4: Citywide Bicycle Route Striping and Signage

Project Location: Citywide

Project Description: The project includes the striping and signage for all of the proposed Class II,

III, III + SLM (Shared Lane Markings) identified in the draft Bicycle Master Plan. The construction of these on-street bicycle facilities would implement all of the recommended Bicycle Master Plan’s on-street bicycle facilities. The following table is a breakdown of the type, total length and total cost of each classification citywide.

Classification Length in Miles Project Cost
II 1.83 $89,585
III 20.13 $69,345
III + SLM 4.07 $37,490


A. Project 1 Map – Hillsdale/US 101 Bridge

B. Project 2 Map – Bay to Transit Trail

C. Project 3 Map – Downtown Bicycle Parking

D. Project 4 Map – Citywide Bicycle Route Striping and Signage

Kenneth Chin

Project Manager

City of San Mateo Public Works Department

330 W. 20th Avenue

San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 522-7313

Hillsdale and US 101 Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Map.pdf
Bay to Transit Trail Map.pdf
Downtown Bike Parking Plan Map.pdf
Existing and Proposed Bike Facilities.pdf

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