High Speed Rail — Time to Regroup

Recently High Speed Rail’s focus has shifted away from the Peninsula to the Central Valley. The valley will be home to the first tracks and we are getting another year or so to plan and make our wishes known.

Here are all the items from our early page on High Speed Rail — you’ll be able to find all our HSR updates in our High Speed Rail category from now on.

How to Write an Effective EIR Comment

Complete Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report April 8, 2010

Alternatives Analysis Report delayed to April 1 at the earliest

City of San Mateo’s web page on High Speed Rail

City of San Mateo’s web page on Public Input Opportunities for High Speed Rail

References for HSR information

The CHSRA estimates High Speed Rail will require between 75 and 110 feet for its right of way. Our neighborhood is a tight squeeze. You can see for yourself. Here’s the current Caltrain right of way map for North Central (Poplar is top center and the map is read as north is on the left, south is on the right. Further south to Tilton and downtown in is the bottom half). Thanks to Clem Tillier for his great blog where I found these maps posted. All the other Caltrain right of way maps (ROW) are listed too.

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