Pedestrian Master Plan Workshop – Jan 27, 2011

Good Afternoon,

We were hoping you could help us spread the word about an important upcoming community workshop we’re hosting next week…

The City of San Mateo’s Department of Public Works is working on the development of our Pedestrian Master Plan. We would really like to have input from your members at our next community workshop scheduled for Thursday, January 27th (details attached).

The workshop on January 27th at the Main Library is about how we can improve the overall pedestrian experience here in San Mateo. This Master Plan will help determine the future of the pedestrian experience in San Mateo for years to come and we think your members would have some really valuable input and great perspectives to share.

The flyer promoting this workshop is attached. If you could share this flyer or details with your members via email or social media, that would be wonderful. We encourage anyone interested in making our city more pedestrian-friendly to log on to and sign up for email updates.

Thank you! We hope to see you next week!

Sheri Costa-Batis

Management Analyst II

Public Works, City of San Mateo


PW_Ped Plan_Workshop Jan 2011_Flyer.pdf

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