News from the HANCSM Meeting, 23rd

spoke about the new trash containers, we should all have them soon. If you don’t like the sizes you’ve got you can call and get different ones. Starting in January we’ll be able to put food scraps in the green composting bin, but until then we have to put them in the trash.

News from the Police Department
Ted Gonzalez gave us his regular update and I am happy to say it was brief. He said there were no very big incidents. He reminded us that, as the holidays approach we should be careful about leaving things in our cars. He also reminded us not to leave laptop computers anywhere in our cars, even the trunk.

Fencing at King Park
Sheila Canzian, the director of Parks and Rec, came to speak to us about the fencing at King Park. This was the hottest issue at the meeting with a number of our
neighbors expressing:

  • dislike of the size , placement, and general appearance of the fencing
  • concern that reservations of the field by organized groups limit use of it for neighborhood kids and adults
  • organized groups trash the field which requires longer closure of the field for reseeding
  • timing of the closure of the field (from March through the end of July this year) is badly timed for community use and way too long
  • there should have been prior discussion with the community
  • Director Canzian and several Parks and Rec staff members responded

  • assuring us that closure will be from January through March this year
  • they will respond to requests from the community to lower the number of field reservations for next year
  • they would be open to blocking out time for community use
  • they are looking at ways to open up the field more, while keeping a permanent fence in place to save the cost of getting temporary fencing each year
  • They also said that they are making efforts to improve the overall quality of the playfield and acknowledged that in the past it has been poorly maintained.

    North Central Residents are invited to discuss various alternatives to the current fencing at the next Parks and Rec Commission Meeting.

    I found out in separate conversation after the meeting that the new chained goal posts are due to liability issues, and that parks in San Mateo all have chained goal posts.

    High Speed Rail
    Several speakers from Community Coalition on High Speed Rail (CC-HSR) spoke to us about the history and ongoing process of building high speed rail in California. They urged us to get involved and find out what we can do to voice our opinions. They urged to write to our elected representatives, to join their group or others active on this issue. Larry Patterson from the City of San Mateo attended.

    The City of San Mateo is holding informational open door sessions on High Speed Rail on October 28th.

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