San Mateo City Council Takes on HSR Sept 7th, Sept. 30th Workshop

Hello everyone,

The purpose of this email is to share that the Department of Public Works will be providing an update on High Speed Rail to the City Council on Tuesday, September 7th. (We anticipate sending you another email reminder on Friday, September 3rd after an agenda and administrative report are available online.)

In short, we will update the Council on the potential impacts of new information that is based on progress of any additional engineering work performed by the High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) and new information shared at HSRA board meetings (one held in early August and a near future meeting in early September).

If you are unable to attend the Council meeting on September 7th, you can watch it online at, as all council meetings are televised and streamed onto our Web site.

As previously reported via email updates, we will also have a September 30th workshop at the Main Library. We will provide a similar update to the one that will be covered in the September 7th Council meeting along with information related to any possible new developments. A flyer for the September 30th workshop has been posted at

We encourage everyone to share our Web address and the posted community flyer with your neighbors.

Thank you. Please let us know if you have any questions. We can be reached at 650.522.7300.

Department of Public Works
City of San Mateo

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