HSR Elevated through San Mateo? Meeting Thursday, Report due out Friday

From John Horgan’s column in the San Mateo County Times:
“Evidence continues to mount that deep concerns in San Mateo and Burlingame over how a high-speed rail line may be built there are going to be realized.”

Here’s the link to the full column

There’s a Board meeting for CAHSR on Thursday morning with an agenda item (#7) concerning the vertical alignment on the Peninsula (elevated, at grade, trench/tunnel).

Supplemental Alternatives Analysis Report – San Francisco to San Jose
Staff will describe and make recommendations on the alignment, station, and
maintenance facility alternatives in the San Francisco to San Jose section, and the
Board will have an opportunity to provide direction on the alternatives to carry
forward for further study.
*(the Supplemental Alternatives Analysis report will be posted at www.cahisghspeedrail.ca.gov by
the morning of August 5th)

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