King Park Fencing

The City is installing a permanent [chain link] fence around the entire perimeter of the ball fields (with a few strategically-placed gates). The reasons given are: 1) the temporary fence they have installed every year was costing too much; and 2) they believe a permanent fence will be more secure and better at keeping people off the fields.

For those who are unaware, the City typically erects temporary fencing every year at the end of winter/beginning of spring in order to restrict access to the fields while they restore the surface to a safe playing condition (i.e. filling holes, re-sodding, check sprinkler system, etc). The field is typically re-opened sometime between Fourth of July and Labor Day; a long time for the area to be ‘off limits.’

I guess this is another indication of the belt-tightening going on at City Hall.


Dianne is one of HANCSM’s Board Members

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