HSR Likely to “Need to Acquire” Homes and Businesses in North Central

The Daily Post is reporting today that the California High Speed Rail Authority “will need to acquire 36 homes and 5 businesses” between San Mateo Creek and Poplar Avenue, our neighborhood. This is based on CHSRA’s statement that their required right of way is between 85 and and 100 feet wide and Daily Post’s analysis of right of way maps provided to them by Caltrain. Here’s a link to the right of way map for that area.

The article also says that businesses downtown, including the movie theater, are threatened, since the right of way there drops to as little as 51 feet. Another trouble spot in San Mateo is between 36th and 40th where current right of way is just 50 feet. Five businesses would potentially be in the path of the new right of way there.

You can take a look at all the Peninsula all the Peninsula right of way maps yourself on the Caltrain HSR Compatibility blog, where they’ve been posted for some time thanks to Clem Tillier.

Here’s a link to an informational pamphlet published in November 2009 for people who may be facing acquisition of their property by High Speed Rail.

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