New City of San Mateo Web Page on High Speed Rail

San Mateo has added a new page to the City web site with info on High Speed Rail.

Here’s a note from City Staff regarding the new pages and email update service.

We have recently posted several new pages about High Speed Rail at Very importantly, we wanted to be sure to let you know that the City of San Mateo City Council will be discussing High Speed Rail at their gathering on Monday, March 1st. All of the details can be found by clicking on the “Stay Informed” section of the Web page noted above.
Please encourage your neighbors and friends who are also interested in High Speed Rail to sign up for email updates. This is the best way to ensure you receive information about this important project.

Thank you very much. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Sheri Costa-Batis
City of San Mateo, Public Works


2 thoughts on “New City of San Mateo Web Page on High Speed Rail

  1. I concur with the City of San Mateo’s preferred alighment through town, however, I believe that the current poliiticians planning and leading the California High Speed Rail Project need to step a side and we need to make sure that the people selected to configure this system are qualified and compitent and and understand the most optimum method to design a superior systems that will be the envy of the entire world.

    I believe because we voted on a political model of what the system should be and what we really want are two different things, we actually dont have the revenue to do this system the way it needs to be done.

    We need to reevaluated the whole approach to this system, should we be using the Pacheco Pass
    instead to the Altimont Pass.

    Would the system work more effienctly if it left LA from the Tejon Pass VS the Tehachapi Pass.

    Is the current route via Bakersfield/Fresno more efficient or should an alternate route more direct and effiecent between Tejon and Tracy on the way to a Union City Station Stop, then the route would split to continue on to a newly constructed Dumbarton Rail Bridge, but could also be diverted south along the eastern side toward San Jose Terminal, (thereby eleminating the need to go through Palo Alto)

    The fact of the matter is that we have politician’s trying to design a successful High Speed Rail system
    and maybe we should have people who have skin in the game and are competent High Speed Rail Engineers constructing this system so it will be a sucess and it well be done right and something we can be proud of.

    At the present time the fiscal allocations necessary for this project (to do it right), are not available.
    The City’s Preferred Alighment is to bring the system south above grade and down into Hayward Park, at grade and depress the alighment from Ninth through town and prepared to merge the Northern part of town with it’s Northern neighbors, possibly a tunnel.

    I would hope that this is possible and acheavble and we have the allocations to make this happen,
    So called underdeloped countries China, Korea, and Formosa (Republic of China), are leaving us
    behind in the area or High Speed Rail Technology.

    If we cannot do this project correctly, maybe we should terminate the train in San Jose and improve


  2. I concur with the City of San Mateo’s Preferred Alignment for the proposed CHSR project. I personally voted for this project and I think, we in California should set a paradign for the rest of the country, as the United States is behind the so called undeveloped Third World Countries, in Hish Speed Rail
    Infrastructure, example: China, Korea and Formosa (Republic of China).

    Hopfully they can depress the line through the downtown and merge San Mateo’s Northern end with Burlingame, without, significant eminant domain and or disruption to the citizens that may be effected by this major project.

    I am a simple person and I think if the line was to come through our city that it follow the city ‘s desired alignment, however, if I had the chance to re-vote on this project I would’nt, because I don’t think
    that the enough money was allocated to do the tunneling and do this project the way we need to do it properly.

    The route stops that where on the ballot where pollitcal, so that voters whould pass the project , (Bakersfield, Fresno), thier needs to be a better system to move people from thier, local Muni Metro area into the High Speed Rail intermodel Connection Station, which then could move more people to the major areas (LA-SF), the fastest, between the cities (LA-SF), the current selected route meanders through areas that should be better served by a upgraded local, Municipal Metro system.
    The current alignment through Pachaco Pass should be reavaluated, and the Altimont pass should be considered via Tejon Pass through Tracy – Tracy – Union City, the line would split south from there to San Jose but the main line would continue from Union City through a newly constructed Dumbarton Rail Bridge that would contect through existing right of way through Redwood City, Stop
    at Redwood City Station and Continue through to Millbrae InterModel Station and or Airport and terminate at the new Transbay Terminal Box, in San Francisco, baring that the my humble recommendation is to temporarily terminate the line in San Jose, if the funding is not available to this
    project right.

    The major reason that this system is flawed is that the policitcians who drew up this plan didnt do thier homework, let real rail engineers and designers who have something at stake some skin in the game onboard on this and we might be able to do this thing right!

    Hope we can fix this thing for our future!


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