Cal Water Early Proposal Presentation

Cal Water is proposing a new building to replace the old, seismically unsafe building at their site on Poplar between Claremont and Delaware. They are seeking comments at this early stage to help improve their project and incorporate community input.

Here’s theSteinberg Architects Presentation shown at our last HANCSM meeting at Cal Water’s building on Jan. 28th.

The Planning Commission will be addressing this proposal at their meeting on February 23rd at the the City Council Chambers at 7:30pm. To comment or for more info contact City of San Mateo project planner, Stephen Scott, at (650) 522-7207. Or send your comments to

Here’s a link to the City of San Mateo webpage for the Cal Water project.

One thought on “Cal Water Early Proposal Presentation

  1. I think the Water Company has a good plan for developing this site, and I would like them to look at
    some of the ideas from Copenhagen on the link:


    I like the Idea of doing a pilot study, with LED lights used along the areas where cars and bicycles converge. Its not absolutly necessary to put these in, but if you have a well used bike lane, (Delaware Street and Claremont), plus the San Mateo High School and College Park School and it crosses the driveways into the new Water Company, (bike route), and you have vehicles driving going into and coming out of these drive ways, along with construction equipment, trucks, and such, why not see if we can do a pilot study to see how it works.

    San Mateo is not Copenhagen, but if you see this website you can see how, in heavy conflect areas where there are a lot of accidents allready, how the LED lights would help automobile drivers, better, look out for the approaching bicyclist.



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