HANCSM Meeting at Cal Water Services Building to Discuss Proposed Construction

Thursday, January 28th at 6:30 pm

Cal Water Services wants to build a new district office on its site and is seeking input prior to permit application.

Also: Updates from the Police, United Homeowners representatives, what’s going on in San Mateo, Neighborhood Beautification, recycling, the Peninsula/101 Overpass, High Speed rail and more.


One thought on “HANCSM Meeting at Cal Water Services Building to Discuss Proposed Construction

  1. From: David

    I live near the Tilton Avenue, hitstoric railroad crossing in the city of San Mateo, CA, I hear that this brige crossing is the only one of its type still standing and was hoping someone could see if it’s
    possible to register it has a historical landmark.

    With all the attention to President Obama State of the Union Speach, and the Stimulus funds being made available for California High Speed Rail, and Electrification and moderization of Caltrain, whats going to be done to this old bridge, (probably recycled into something more useful?), while we
    get something more modern.

    Something to think about when we get the new HSR, the citizens of San Mateo County will only be able to use one guaranteed HSR station stop in all of little San Mateo County, Millbrae Intermodel Station/ Airport Transfer/ Caltrain, SAMTRANS, and Redwood City, the only other stop, in San Mateo County, is
    not guaranteed as the Mid Peninsula, as it could go to Palo Alto, or Mountain View, (Santa Clara County).

    Although the upgraded Caltrain will be able to make all the local station stops, as it does now.

    Is all this benefit for HSR from SJ-SF, worth all the disruptions it may cause on the Peninsula?



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